Rooftop Services



Over the years we have worked for many of the great home builders of Grey Bruce. Tom Clancy, Bill Vokes, the late Elgin Rouse, the late O.C. Long, Laurie McConell and Cliff McMillan just to name a few.


Our main part of our business is re-roofing, assessments, and repairs. Over the years we have increased our equipment to help minimize damage and inconvenience to your family and home.

With 4 HIAB cranes the roofing debris does not even hit the ground. New shingles go up and debris comes down to the dumpster. This decreases the chance of damage to your flowers, siding, trough and lawn. We have the equipment and knowledge to do it right for you.


Repairs and Assessments

If you have a leak in your roof, it doesn’t always mean you need a new roof. It could be just a shingle that has come loose from wind or age and can be easily replaced to stop the leakage.

We will do an honest inspection and assessment to see what the actual problem is and give you advice on how to solve the problem for a long term solution. Most repairs can be done on site when inspected. If your insurance company needs to be involved we can also advise you on your options.


Our professional team will check your rooftop  & repair it on the spot if needed.  Also we will give you an honest advice and the right solution  to protect your home. Give the Rooftop Surgeon a call to inspect your complete rooftop, including: shingles, ventilation, flashings, chimney, and eaves trough to make sure there will be no damage to your attic or home.  Protect your home from damage.  Did your vents get damaged from snow removal?  Snow may have blown in due to turbines not moving which will damage the insulation come spring.  These pictures show damage that could be done if not taken care of.

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